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Heart Shaped food for Valentines Day

Strawberry heart puffs

So, it’s Valentines Day tomorrow and I look at every celebration as an excuse to eat. Don’t you?

Here are a couple of easy recipes with puff pastry that I’ve made in the past: Strawberry Heart Puffs and Lemon Sugar Palmiers. Seriously easy stuff. Get the recipes here and here.

Lemon Sugar Palmiers

These two got me curious about other heart shaped foods for your Valentines. There are heaps out there so I leaned towards ones that The Koala and I would actually enjoy eating.

Heart Shaped Foods for Valentines Day

1. Heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni

Originally made by Dominos, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t make this yourself. Image found via Rebloggy. This would be an easy ticket into The Koala’s heart. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. Hands off my husband.

2. Heart shaped Toad in a Hole.

Got a heart shaped cookie cutter a slice of bread and an egg? You’ve got breakfast. Found via Neatarama, made by Petite Kitchenesse. You could even make heart-shaped nutella sandwiches or heart-shaped french toast with the cut outs.

3. Heart shaped waffles with strawberries and cream.

Get the recipe from FoodFanatic. Sliced strawberries can make a cute heart shape. What a lovely way to start the day. Another option (which I’m contemplating for tomorrow’s dessert is to take 2 waffle hearts, add a scoop of ice cream for ice cream sandwiches. Portable and delicious.

4. Heart shaped steak

Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace’s heart-shaped Delmonico Steaks. See more here. How friendly are you with your butcher? Would he (or she) humour this cut?

5. Heart shaped beetroot ravioli

This one is a bit more fancy. Nothing quite says “I think you are awesome than making fresh pasta just for them”. Sure to win over someone special. Recipe and photo by Reclaiming Provincial. See this and many more amazing recipes here.

Bonus round

And for the super adventurous, why not eat actual hearts? I’ve eaten venison heart and poussin (young chicken) hearts at Cazador, though I have not been adventurous enough to cook hearts in my own kitchen.


Are you eating out on Valentines Day? Are you cooking?

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  1. Love how you call the palmiers elephant ears!! Some great ideas, I do have a recipe for actual sheeps heart but can’t bring myself to try it. Its not very romantic sounding, pretty sure if I told my husband thats what we were having he would run a mile!!

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