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Smokey Mezze Bagel (and a giveaway)

This post was made possible thanks to the folks at Lisa’s  and Abe’s Bagels, who know a thing or two about quick and easy meals. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter a delicious giveaway featuring both brands.


This post is for everyone who enjoys a good mezze platter.

Traditionally served at the beginning of a meal – according to Wiki, mezze comes from the Persian word mazze meaning taste or snack – and as much social ritual as a meal. Grazing with friends is one of the more enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon.

A great addition to any mezze platter is Lisa’s new Smokey Hummus. I love smoke and I love hummus but I’ve never tasted a smokey hummus before now. The smoke is subtle, not overpowering at all. The cream and lemon notes go beautifully with other mezze ingredients.

I love the process of picking out the next morsel and combining items together. You curate every mouthful. Pick. Bite. Select. Down the hatch. Flavour, texture and colour go a long way. You don’t have to think too hard because everything on a mezze platter plays well together. You can have a different item for every bite or focus all your attention on cheese. No judgement.


Inspired by the mezze platter and Lisa’s Smokey Hummus, I’ve created these Smokey Mezze Bagels. There’s smoke, crunch, salt, sweet and tang in every bite. I have used toasted Abe’s Everything Bagels. Everything bagels are baked with lots of toppings including garlic, onion, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and Himalayan rock salt. They have that extra somethin’ somethin’ you didn’t know you wanted. Plus, they look amazing.

This recipe uses two bagels which is great for a meal for two.

For a friend’s birthday celebration recently, I doubled this recipe to use four bagels and cut each round in half to create a 16-piece party pack. Great when you need a quick picnic platter.


Smokey Mezze Bagel

Makes 2 bagels


  • 2 Abe’s Everything Bagels
  • 2-3 tablespoons Lisa’s Smokey Hummus
  • 1 whole marinated chargrilled capsicum, sliced
  • 50 grams feta, cubed
  • 6 stuffed olives, cut in half
  • 1 tablespoon toasted pine nuts


  1. Toast bagels and spread with Lisa’s Smokey Hummus.
  2. Top each half with marinated chargrilled capsicum, olives, feta and pine nuts.


Win with Lisa’s

Thanks to Lisa’s Smokey Hummus and Abe’s Bagels, I have a delicious prize pack featuring both brands to give away to one winner: 1 x bag of Abe’s Bagel Crisps and 3 x Lisa’s product vouchers.

To enter, simply comment below your favourite way to enjoy Lisa’s hummus.

Giveaway terms and conditions

  • Open to New Zealand residents only
  • One entry per person
  • Entries close 28 June 2018 and a winner will be announced 29 June 2018, contacted by email and announced here and on social media
  • In the event that the winner is not contactable within 3 days, Bunny Eats Design reserves the right to redraw a winner

Also, don’t forget to check out Lisa’s page on Facebook.


  1. Frances Turpie says

    I love my hummus spread on my grain bread with lettuce, leftover chicken, tomato, beetroot and cheese.. it’s so yum instead of butter.

  2. This sounds divine! i mostly eat hummus with cornchips, but I also like using it as a spread in sandwiches and wraps.

  3. Michelle Bold says

    Plain and simple with crackers and a cheese board so yummy the flavours speak for themselves 🙂

  4. I like hummus original on extra toasted thin slice vogels or a yummy toasted bagel with a covering of smashed avocado and lemon juice and salt and pepper on top of that. I then in a pan sautee pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, button mushrooms, gratted carrots and beetroot and white onion in garlic, honey and balsamic and put on top followed by slicing cherry tomato’s and tear fresh basil leaves on top

  5. Jacqui Hansen says

    I love having Lisas Hummus on corn thins! Plain, but yummy!

  6. Amy says

    On scrambled eggs! Takes a super-basic breakfast to the next level!!

  7. Jessica Mondia says

    Always a Lisa’s Hummus fan…we just love it in our platter…dips for vegetable sticks crackers and more. And yes, burgers are even yummier with it too❤😊

  8. Kate Rassie says

    These look gorgeous!

    I’m a huge Lisa’s hummus convert. Favourite uses include:

    1. Chelsea Winter’s Moroccan Lamb meatball recipe, piled into warmed flatbreads with Lisa’s original hummus, feta and olive smash with lemon, fat blobs of tzatziki, fresh tomatoes, and salted red onion.

    2. The pumpkin and kumara Lisa’s schmeared generously over oven-fresh hunks of Turkish bread (the par-baked supermarket brands are great) for pre-dinner nibbles (alongside a decent glass of Chardonnay).

    3. As an easy component in an open Buddha-bowl style lunch (with roasted chickpeas, turmeric-spiked cauliflower, baby spinach, shredded chicken, and a brown rice base). The smoked flavour would be beautiful here; methinks!

  9. Tabitha newton says

    Definitely on a baked potato with a delicious rocket salad, sundried tomatoes and black olives.

  10. Jasmine finney says

    I love love love all flavours of houmous, sometimes with toasted seeded bread and tomato, walnut crackers, carrots or even in a wrap mmmmmm it goes with EVERYTHING

  11. Suzannah Newton says

    One of our favourite meals to eat are Buddha bowls with falafel, plenty of beautiful fresh vegetables, some homemade aioli and of course a big dollop of hummus.

  12. Steph says

    I love it with crackers and cheese!! So easy to make and soooo yum!!

  13. I love it as a dip for rice crackers or carrot and celery sticks. I also can’t resist Lisa’s sundried tomato hummus mixed with spinach leaves on a hot toasted bagel or piece of toast! They’re perfect for lunch on the go or just snacking!

  14. Jenny c says

    I love hummus on crackers, raw veggies, on a baked potato and with salad! Yummy

  15. Meg says

    My favourite way to eat Lisa’s hummus is as a dip for celery, crackers, carrots, chips, just about anything really! I especially love the special mix packs with the nuts and seeds on top.. Yummy!

  16. Trudy Longson says

    On a platter. With a wee bowl of baby bell peppers. And some pastrami or salami slices.
    a wee bowl of olives. And some small pieces of sliced cheese.. Thats enough flavours..Need to be able to taste the hummus

  17. Josephine says

    PLATTERS!! 😍😍 or in a pita with grilled chicken, spinach, mustard, feta and gherkins

  18. drdaina says

    Ooh I love a giant blob of hummus on my salad, also fab in wraps or sandwiches!

  19. Diane C Davidson says

    Lisa’s Smokey Hummus. So good :
    * On Bagels (Yum!)
    * For Pretzel sticks
    * With Julienned Raw Veg (eg. Carrot, celery, cucumber, radish)
    * Classic: with Falafel
    * As a topping for white fish fillets baked in foil
    * My Favourite: ‘Humming-Green Salsa’:
    Combine Lisa’s Smokey Hummus witn lemon juice, Avocado oil, runny honey and a little finely chopped
    green chilli. Add lots of finely chopped fresh green garden herbs (parsley, basil, coriander)
    There’s a lot of ‘goodness’ here! Goes greaton torn lettuce for a good winter salad.

  20. Liz macdonald says

    My faviurute way to eat hummus is to have with falafel and salads. Yum, delish!

  21. Kelly says

    I love having Lisa’s hummus in my wraps with plenty of veges and lamb!

  22. Brooke says

    I love Lisa hummus on bagles toasts salads and with raw vegs super delight for me however thats if i beat my six year old to it she loves it by the Spoonful’s

  23. Trent says

    Lisa’s hummus definitely goes well with a selection of crackers and cheese! Great flavour combinations.

  24. Toni says

    Delicious as a substitute for mayonnaise in burgers and sandwiches

  25. Pam Cohen says

    I love hummus with almost everything, crackers, celery, avo etc

  26. Eddy Gies says

    For me I enjoy best with either carrot sticks or water crackers so I don’t loose the flavours of good hummus and Lisa’s does it Best.

  27. Cushla says

    We go through Lisa’s Hummus like it is going out of fashion… much that I even have a Lisa’s Hummus T-shirt. Fave is as a snack with carrots, celery and crackers, in wraps, pita bread, bagels, with corn chips, with fish, with lamb, my daughter loves the ‘pink’ hummus in a sandwich with nothing else, Iskenders, all sorts of Moroccan dishes……the options are endless.

  28. I love hummus with a homemade mezze grazing plate – pita, hummus, lisa’s falafels, olives tomatoes cucuber and feta salad 👩🏻‍🍳😊

  29. Kim says

    Ì love hummus on almost everything. It’s my go to afternoon snack with celery, carrots and crackers. Last week I used Lisa’s Hummus on a pumpkin, pine nut and fetta pizza, outstanding!

  30. Deanne Barnett says

    We love hummus in wraps with chicken and salad for lunch yummo

  31. Natalie Bennett says

    I LOVE cutting a kumara into wedges, air-frying them, and having them with hummus! Kumara + hummus is my favourite flavour combo!

  32. Dianne says

    Easy snack of hummus and crackers with sliced tomato on top Mmmm or mix through my coleslaw as a dressing Mmm

  33. Michelle cooper says

    I’d love this in a pitas with teriyaki chicken and lettuce

  34. katie Beswick says

    I love it with grainy crackers, carrot sticks and celery sticks!

  35. Polly Weatherley says

    We love it on our snack platter so we can have crackers and cheese and hummus and celery and olives. Yummm

  36. I love Lisa’s hummus with my crunchy veges for a satisfying, filling snack at work. The others reach for cakes, muffins, scones and feel yuck, I reach for a bit of Lisa’s and feel fab!!

  37. Chelsea says

    We love to share a bit of Hummus during shared morning teas at work! It goes faster than the chocolate cake and other sweets!!

  38. Hollie Fox says

    So Lisa’s big tub of Garlic Hummus is so delicious on a toasted Abe’s Bagel. Especially when there’s some smoked salmon, pesto & feta involved. Flavour overload!

  39. Hollie Fox says

    Lisa’s big tub of Garlic Hummus is so delicious on a toasted Abe’s Bagel. Especially when there’s some smoked salmon, pesto & feta involved. Flavour overload!

  40. Tammie says

    I love hummus with crackers topped with fresh tomatoes.
    Also love hummus on burgers so yummy.

  41. Jo O’Connor says

    I love hummus as a dip for veggies. Carrot sticks 🥕 capsicum slices, celery sticks and crackers. Yummy 😋 and healthy

  42. Kere Perano says

    I make pita bread pizzas with hummus as the base sauce then top with whatever leftover vegetables and meat I have in the fridge,cheese and a swirl of tomato or BBQ sauce on top!

  43. Dylan-Jane Chaplin says

    I love dipping raw carrot sticks and bagel chips in Lisa’s hummus 😜

  44. Leanne says

    Pita crisps, carrot and cucumber sticks dipped generously in any of Lisa’s amazing hummuses, yum! Also use as the spread in all toasted sandwiches

  45. Bonnie Knight says

    I buy a tub of Lisa’s toppings weekly for my work lunches and enjoy dipping whole meal pita bread. Delicious 😋

  46. Megan says

    I love Lisa’s Garlic Hummus with everything…cut up veggies, on crackers and sandwiches but best of all with pita crisps.

  47. Ange Dacombe says

    Love Lisa’s Hummus in wraps with salad and crispy skin chicken

  48. Kyla says

    I love hummus in ALL the ways! I love it on a sandwich instead of butter or marg, I love dipping crackers and vegie sticks in it, mostly I love it on a cheese platter with brie and dried apricot then shared with friends and whanau. 🙂

  49. Clare Scott says

    I love hummus on crackers, wraps, as a dip, or on crusty breads. I love hummus in so many ways for so many reasons. Dairy-free is the biggest bonus!

  50. Rebecca says

    I love it simply with raw veggies, capsicum, celery, carrot and radishes are my all time fav! Also on a platter with the above and crackers, pickled onions, cheese, dukkah, fresh bread, quality oils. Yum!

  51. Vikki says

    Yum! I love Lisa’s Hummus! I enjoy it fairly plain – just smeared onto a really grainy, natural cracker 🙂

  52. Sam Bray says

    I love Lisa’s hummus! Great on a platter with a soft camembert and a selection of crackers or bread! Yum!

  53. Jackie Duncan says

    I love it in between crackers and brie cheese – yum!!

  54. Pamela Cusack says

    I love Lisa’s hummus with gluten free corn chips as a Friday night treat with a glass of red wine. . Mmm

  55. Lisa Green says

    I love hummus on pita bread with ham, Rocket, tomato and avocado perfection

  56. Mellisa Elsworth says

    BLT with cream cheese. Or hummus, fresh tomato and brie. Sometimes with bacon on top. Yum

  57. Julie Ellington says

    I have it in meat and salad sandwiches instead of mayonnaise – such a nice flavour

  58. Kayla Seaton says

    I love hummus with vege sticks – carrot, celery, and green beans!

  59. Esther maake says

    Roasted capsicum on a fresh French stick! Tre magnifique

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