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Tofu Tuesday: Hot Cross Bunny

From the archives: Like most bunnies, Tofu has a sweet tooth and adores raisins and bread. Neither are good for rabbits but can be viewed as occasional treats. Tofu goes crazy for hot cross buns and a single bun can transform this usually mild-mannered lagomorph into a common thief. One Easter, I left a plastic-wrapped hot cross bun in my handbag which was on a chair near our front door. The next morning, half the bun was found under our bed in our bedroom. Tofu had sniffed out the bun, foraged for it in my bag and carried his trophy to the bedroom to enjoy. Over the weekend, I visited Parnell Farmers Market and purchased a couple of these giant hot cross buns from Pukeko Bakery. They were delicious! These buns were much better than the buns we bought from a local cafe/bakery after reading a glowing review by a popular website. We paid $16 on 6 cafe buns! I guess everyone has different ideas on what constitutes as a good bun but the cafe buns were mushy, small and we decided were “very similar to …

Tofu Tuesday: I am not a toy

Easter is an odd time for a non-religious rabbit enthusiast. On one hand, there are bunny-themed displays everywhere (yay!) and on the other my heart breaks because many families hop off to the pet store to get themselves their very own Easter bunny for the holidays. In a few months time, when those Easter bunnies are no longer a novelty or hit puberty (and start humping), or become too big or feisty for small children to handle, the Easter bunnies are abandoned, neglected or dumped. Animal shelters are full of rabbits after Easter. It happens every year. A rabbit is a commitment, not a disposable party decoration to be forgotten once the season is over. If you’re only looking for something to decorate your holiday, please consider a soft toy rabbit or chocolate rabbit instead. Please inform your friends and family if they are thinking of getting an Easter bunny. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Recipes for Easter

From ages 9 to 18, I attended Catholic schools. I wasn’t a “Catholic school-girl”, but I was a “Catholic-school, girl”. Easter is a big deal for Catholics. Bigger than Christmas. I understand the ins and outs of Easter, I attended Easter mass and observed Lent for all my pre-teen and teenage years. But at the end of the day, for non-religious people like myself, Easter is a couple days off work, a whole lot of chocolate, hot cross buns and some feasting. Have you got any eating or cooking plans this Easter? Here in New Zealand it’s autumn and no doubt there will be many families firing up the barbecue for one final pow wow before winter. Here’s a round up some of my recipes for Easter. I’ve included lamb, hot cross buns, eggs, more eggs and a carrot cake just for the Easter bunny. Most of them teeter on the fence between sweet and savoury. Enjoy! Hot Cross Buns with Custard and Cognac (bread and butter pudding) A decadent version of bread and butter pudding using hot cross buns. Use traditional sultana …

Tofu Tuesday: The Zomato Easter Egg hunt!

In conjunction with restaurant review website Zomato and Tofu the Easter bunny, we are running an Easter Egg hunt on Zomato with a prize of $100 in restaurant vouchers. Zomato has a powerful search engine which you can use to search specific ingredients, dishes or even ambience notes. To enter this competition, visit and have a nosey in the Auckland category. Search for the keywords “boiled egg” and view all the restaurants that have a boiled egg mentioned in their reviews. Name 4 of these restaurants in the contact form below to be in to win. Entries close Wednesday 23 April 2014 and winner will be drawn by Zomato, contacted by email and announced here and on social networks. Terms and conditions 1 entry per person. Only correct entries will be accepted to the draw. This competition is open to Auckland residents only. The winner will receive $100 in restaurant vouchers: $50 Tatsumi, $30 Nickie’s Thai, $20 Mission Bay Cafe. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash and no change will be given. Entries close Wednesday …

Tofu Tuesday: Not a toy

In the months after Easter, rescues are inundated with unwanted rabbits. Sadly, people buy rabbits for Easter and when the novelty wears off the rabbit must find a new home. A rabbit is a 10 year investment. Yes, they can be cuddly and sweet, but they need daily attention and work. If you’re unsure, get a toy rabbit or a chocolate rabbit this Easter.

Glaze a ham

First thing crossed off the Bunny Eats Design Autum/Winter To Do List. Oh yeah! The Koala’s Mum had sourced a ham for our family lunch. She provided everything and I did the honours of decorating and glazing. Using tropical fruit, cloves and an apricot sauce for a glaze, this ham provided many yummy meals over the weekend. We even made crackling with the ham skin. The ham was paired with a greek salad, peas, roast potatoes and pumpkin. Easter lunch was finished off with Mum’s individual pavlovas with berry compote and whipped cream. Yum!