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Banana for scale

The Honesty Box has been feeding us each week and while I haven’t been keeping up with my documenting of each box due to the crappy evening light, I had to just quickly show you this glorious mushroom that was delivered in yesterday’s box. This monster is a whopping 16cm wide (over 6 inches). I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but I’m adamant that I want to serve it whole because it feels like a shame to slice it up. We actually have 2 mushrooms so The Koala and I can have one each. What would you do with it?

Goodbye April, Hello Meal Plan

The Honesty Box delivers again! We’re most excited about the two tamarillo and two portobello. The Koala ate a tamarillo (ahem, his tamarillo) immediately after I took this photo. Quite likely, he’ start eyeing up my tamarillo and I’ll either split it with him or let him have it. I am an older sister and he is a younger brother and it was like that in both our families. The Koala’s big brother and I would save and The Koala and my little sister would feast. Then start eyeing up their older sibling’s uneaten bounty. Was it like that in your family? Tamarillo are still a like bit finger guts to me, but I admit the intense savoury flavour is exciting and unique. They’re still too rare for me to to cook with but I’ll work up to that when the novelty wears off. Feijoa season is intense and short here in Auckland. Our landlord had our feijoa tree removed (for reasons that baffle me). So we’re grateful for any feijoa that come our way. For those …

Orzo Salad – Day 1

I’ve never made orzo salad before but I figured it was worth giving a go. I think of orzo as rice shaped pasta and at $4 for 2 x 500g bags at Nosh last week, it was worth a whirl. 250g of orzo made enough for 2 nights dinners for 2 people and a lunch. So in theory, my $4 of orzo will be enough for 20 portions. Yowzers! I just boiled the orzo for about 7 minutes in salted water, drained and mixed with pesto, halved cherry tomatoes and avocado. Served with a grilled mushroom topped with cheese and herbs and a sexy slab of marinated rump. It’s a fast, easy weekday dinner that gets me excited about the warmer weather.

Today’s Experiment…

Today’s experiment is portobello mushroom wrapped in streaky bacon, topped with cheese and a fresh sage leaf. Baked for 20 minutes… I love the lighting in the kitchen in the afternoon. But as soon as the sun goes down, food photography is close to impossible. Pre-oven experiments: afternoon sun, no camera flash. Post-oven experiment: after sunset with flash. Look at that terrible lighting! No. Don’t look at it. Just look at the yummy experiment. Served with fried eggs (with capers, fried garlic and worcester sauce), rice and buttered corn. I suppose the goal is to cook and photograph food during daylight. It makes a huge difference. But, with winter coming up, it’s probably not going to be likely. Hmmm…at what stage do I set up a mini photography studio in our kitchen?