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Goodbye April, Hello Meal Plan


The Honesty Box delivers again!

We’re most excited about the two tamarillo and two portobello. The Koala ate a tamarillo (ahem, his tamarillo) immediately after I took this photo.

Quite likely, he’ start eyeing up my tamarillo and I’ll either split it with him or let him have it. I am an older sister and he is a younger brother and it was like that in both our families. The Koala’s big brother and I would save and The Koala and my little sister would feast. Then start eyeing up their older sibling’s uneaten bounty. Was it like that in your family?

Tamarillo are still a like bit finger guts to me, but I admit the intense savoury flavour is exciting and unique. They’re still too rare for me to to cook with but I’ll work up to that when the novelty wears off.


Feijoa season is intense and short here in Auckland. Our landlord had our feijoa tree removed (for reasons that baffle me). So we’re grateful for any feijoa that come our way. For those who have never had the delight of a fejioa, they are a tart, perfumey guava that are great “au natural” and also great in banana feijoa muffins. Just substitute 1 banana for the same quantity of feijoa pulp.



Bosc pears go great with parmesan (well actually, Parmigiano-Reggiano).


Meaty portobellos will receive the honour of melted cheese.


Here’s a guide to what we’re eating this week:


  • Avocado and parmesan on toast
  • Turmeric and coriander scrambled eggs with tomato, cheese and spinach
  • French toast with banana and maple syrup (optional: bacon)
  • Hash brown with fried egg and avocado (optional: more bacon)
  • Banana, chia and yogurt smoothie



  • Mixed salad with pear and parmesan
  • Baby spinach, roast pepper, garlic and quinoa
  • Potato salad with egg, spring onion, sundried tomatoes and mustard mayo
  • Cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches
  • Miso vegetable stir-fry with and rice noodles



  • Cottage pie with mince, carrot, mushrooms, onion and garlic topped with kumara mash, parsley and golden cheese
  • Grilled portobello topped with melted cheese served with roast capsicum and mash
  • Lemon honey chicken with garlic herb broccoli and coriander rice
  • Pulled pork with buns/tortillas, cauliflower gratin, coriander and coleslaw
  • Herb and garlic meatballs in chunky tomato onion sauce on spaghetti



  1. Yum. What an awesome menu for the week! Sounds so delicious… particular the dinner options (pulled pork, hello!). The finger guts description of the tamarillo made me laugh. I don’t really like them, myself, so I totally get it! Feijoas are also something I struggle to like… I’ve only eaten them twice when in New Zealand so maybe if I persist a little more they’ll grow on me! Great post.

    • It’s entirely possible we eat pulled pork more often than is recommended, but pork shoulder is so economical and pulled pork so easy to make. Feijoas can be an acquired taste, I’ll agree to that. Maybe try feijoa chocolate or in baking first? It can be a bit tart so the sweetness will help mellow it out.

  2. Your menus sound incredible! As an American living in Scotland I am unfamiliar with feijoa. I wonder what it taste like and how one uses them (just eat raw?). are they like sour plums

    • Hi Kellie, a ripe feijoa is sweet with a hint of tartness, but an unripe feijoa still has a strong flavour with sourness. They have a very fragrant, perfumey taste which can be a bit too intense for some people. I am happy to eat them raw, but people also use them in muffins, cakes, and chutneys. There are also feijoa chocolates which are delicious (if you can find them). I have an easy recipe that wraps feijoa in puff pastry. I really ought to do it again sometime. You can find my recipe here: …Thanks for your comment!

  3. It looks like your having a field day with these boxes! I’d love to plan a menu around the variety of seasonal veg you’re delivered!

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