• Hi Eva, these are not logos I have designed. I’m still searching for that elusive bunny client. I think for every bunny mad designer, there is less than 1 bunny mad client.

  1. Love the first one and the last one. I want to see the last one being implemented beyond just the design phase. I bet Mrs P would love one of those pink noodle boxes.

  2. Who would have thought there were so many rabbit restaurant logos – too hard to choose. I have the rather lovely job of teaching year 7 and 8 kids design using photoshop (blogging on the side!) – I am always looking for simple and cool inspiration to get them thinking – I think the girls will love these…

    • Hi Vanessa, that is so cool that you teach that age. I was in year 9 when I first took a Photoshop class. Our high school art teachers didn’t know enough so those were interested did a 2 day course at Whitcliffe. It was an all ages intro class and I remember thinking art and design students were the epitome of cool.

  3. Milo says


    I’m enquiring if I could use the Pink Rabbit resteraunt logo as the logo for an up and coming gig promotion page on Facebook? We’re based in Blackpool and we think it’s brilliant. Hope it’s alright???

    Kindest regards x

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