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Tofu Tuesday: Semi Permanent swag

I’ve had a creative supercharge after 2 days at Semi Permanent, a creative conference here in Auckland. with 20 speakers over 2 days, it certainly gave my brain a work out. It’s been a good few years since my last Semi Permanent, I started attending  in 2004 when I was a bright-eyed third-year graphic design student. Now that I’m a freelancer and own my own business, the conference has a different meaning to me. The speakers this year included various entrepreneurs, creative directors, an architect, a poet, UX designers, social media and business people. I was a little gutted there were any illustrators, photographers or typographers represented as these are things that are close to my heart. There were 2 speakers that had food backgrounds though which pleased me. This year felt much more business, technology and philosophy orientated. While I am a business owner, I find business conversations pretty boring. My favourite speaker would be Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr fame. If you love food with a healthy dose of wonder and magic, I suggest you look them …

Tofu Tuesday: Threshold

A blind, fluffy rabbit hesitates on the threshold. It’s been sunny but cold lately so Tofu the bunny wasn’t too sure if he wanted to go outside to play. In the end he decided yes. But first he sniffed and examined everything on our deck before making his way down the stairs and into the garden. Our deck is a bit of a mess at the moment with potted plants and washing baskets for Tofu the bunny to carefully consider with his whiskers. Anything he “chins” is claimed as his. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: House rabbit

Home is where the house rabbit is. Here in New Zealand, a rental property is known as a “flat”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a unit, a stand alone house, or an apartment. From a real estate point of view, a flat refers to an attached unit regardless of ownership status. When you are “flatting”, it means you’re renting with others and a “flatmate” is the equivalent of a “roomie”. Still, it doesn’t seem quite right to say that my husband and rabbit are my flatmates. BTW…Flat whites have nothing to do with flats and house reds have nothing to do with houses. Just a weird coincidence. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Mornings

“Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.” – Will Ferrell I’ve been switching between calm and fury over the last few days as our internet connection has been mostly broken. Working from home, all my work comes and goes via email. I’m dead in the water without a reliable internet connection. Luckily, my husband, The Koala is equally unimpressed. It’s a match! Tofu the bunny on the other hand, doesn’t care. We’ve had some wet weather lately so I’ve been keeping him inside and in the mornings, I put Tofu on the couch in my “office” while I work. He seems perfectly happy. Oblivious to my internet woes. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: On the couch

Today is the winter solstice which means it is the shortest day (or longest night) of the year. The night tonight will be over 14 hours. In New Zealand, Matariki the Māori New Year is also celebrated during this season. Tofu snuggles on the couch with me on most nights. I often fall asleep on the couch and he falls asleep on top of me. I like to think it’s because he wants to be me close to me, but the reality could be that it’s cold on the carpet and the couch is warm….and I am nothing more than a giant hot water bottle. Rabbits are fluffy and can tuck his limbs underneath to keep warm. A cold rabbit sits upright and resembles a round dinner roll. But if a rabbit is warm and comfortable, he will lie down very flat with his long fluffy legs streeeetched to resemble a baguette. That is now Tofu sleeps on me on the couch. Stretched out. Leisurely. When I hear about people keeping their rabbits outside in a hutch, I know that rabbits can survive out in the cold. I once had …

Tofu Tuesday: Bright winter days

I’ve come down with a cold but the bright, sunny winter days we’ve had over the long weekend certainly helps me feel less miserable. We spent lots of time with friends and I almost pulled an all nighter on Saturday night. Probably not good for a cold, or at my age…It took 2 whole days to recover. We’ve had some stunning weather for almost a week. Bright blue skies, cold winter days. It warms my heart to see Tofu enjoying hours of winter sunbathing, fuzzy belly pressed to the warmed concrete, fluffy butt aimed at the sun. At night, he’s been extra snuggly, jumping up onto the couch is now a nightly occurrence and over the weekend, he even snuggled in with our friend who was sleeping on the couch. Tofu’s B&B (Bed and Bunny). Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: The story of the beast with those four dirty paws.

So for a while things were cold, They were scared down in their holes. The forest that once was green Was coloured black by those killing machines. But she and her furry friends Took down the queen bee and her men. And that’s how the story goes, The story of the beast with those four dirty paws. Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. Tofu the bunny gets four dirty paws on occasion. Like this morning when he ran outside even though it’s pissing down and the ground is very wet. I just brought him back inside and snapped this shot, and now he is cleaning himself up. I think the rest of today will be snuggled up inside, though I do have to make a dash out at some stage. Hopefully there’s a moment of sunshine for me. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: A rabbit of many names

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say we have many names for our pet. From empowering titles like Major Fluff to repugnant names like Mister Rat Legs (during Tofu’s bunny butt bath time), here are a few designs I whipped up for our furry CEO. Background image: Tofu’s fur. Note: “Cash” was actually given to him by our neighbour. I’m unsure if he was named after Johnny Cash or actual currency. Either way fits. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Bed

For the last little while, Tofu has been making his presence known at 6.30am. Rabbits are amazing at telling the time. Maybe he has a rabbit-sized blind person’s watch that’s he’s hidden from us or the morning birds sing the time in their song. The other morning Tofu woke us with loud thumping around the house which is usually a sign of danger or generally being pissed off. I got up and fed him – that seemed to satisfy him. Yesterday morning he jumped up onto the couch for snuggles (I’d fallen asleep on the couch that night). This morning he came into our room and made noises next to my side of the bed waiting to be scooped up onto the bed. I don’t speak rabbit, but I try to understand. Here are the conclusions that I’ve surmised for his morning wake up call. He’s decided that 6.30am is breakfast time It’s getting colder in the mornings and he wants warmth and pets He thinks we should be getting up by then and is disgusted at us In any case, I’m quite …

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Philippe (a series)

Tofu and Philippe the Philodendron Imperial Green. I hate to pick favourites but Philippe is my favourite houseplant. I love the banana plant look he has going on. I wanted a banana plant for my office but as they need more sun and space than I could provide so I settled for this little guy. He’s gained a few new leaves and shooting up in the middle so I hope this means he likes me too. Philippe does not like direct light, will tolerate shady spots and hates the cold. A perfect office buddy. Strangely, Phillippe’s leaves are always wet, as if he dreams of the rainforest. I’ve been listening to hours rainforest sounds while I’ve been working at home. I hope Philippe appreciates the gesture. Tofu the bunny wasn’t shy at all about licking Philippe’s water droplets. No Philippes were harmed in the taking of these photos. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Lemon peel

My first week of full-time freelancing went well. As well as working on my current projects, I updated my CV, worked on new quotes and proposals and managed to leave the house almost every day. I have been at my desk, with coffee in hand every morning before 8am. I spent had one day working in my pyjamas, which happened to be Friday, a reward for a good week’s work…which in the bigger scheme of things, is a pretty good ratio. It’s Tuesday morning here after a long weekend and I’m back at my desk and it’s not even 8am. Working from home means I see Tofu more than I did and I noticed that he was very interested in this horrible rotting lemon underneath our lemon tree. In fact, he had eaten most of the lemon peel before I took these shots. I can’t imagine that this is very delicious. It sure doesn’t look appetising to me, but maybe the blind rabbit knows better. Please note, lemons are not recommended rabbit food. After discovering this …

Tofu under goal weight

A little update on Tofu’s health. Since dropping from 2.7kg to 2kg (and under) after surgery, I’ve been weighing him once a week and syringe-feeding regularly. Tofu weight ranges between 1.98 to 1.99 and I just want him to hit 2kg and stay over. Ideally, 2.2kg would be good. It doesn’t sound like much and perhaps I worry too much but a little weight gain and a better appetite would make me happy. Still, he does look quite handsome at this weight. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Bella

The neighbours who share our building and backyard, got a puppy. Yes! A puppy! It’s like we got a puppy for our backyard. It’s awesome. These photos were taken a few weeks ago and the pup has since had a haircut and is looking very smart. She’s grown a little bit too.    P.S. All bunny puppy visits are are supervised. Please don’t leave new pups and bunnies alone together. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Hot Cross Bunny

From the archives: Like most bunnies, Tofu has a sweet tooth and adores raisins and bread. Neither are good for rabbits but can be viewed as occasional treats. Tofu goes crazy for hot cross buns and a single bun can transform this usually mild-mannered lagomorph into a common thief. One Easter, I left a plastic-wrapped hot cross bun in my handbag which was on a chair near our front door. The next morning, half the bun was found under our bed in our bedroom. Tofu had sniffed out the bun, foraged for it in my bag and carried his trophy to the bedroom to enjoy. Over the weekend, I visited Parnell Farmers Market and purchased a couple of these giant hot cross buns from Pukeko Bakery. They were delicious! These buns were much better than the buns we bought from a local cafe/bakery after reading a glowing review by a popular website. We paid $16 on 6 cafe buns! I guess everyone has different ideas on what constitutes as a good bun but the cafe buns were mushy, small and we decided were “very similar to …