Tofu Tuesday
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Tofu Tuesday: A Rabbit’s Résumé

Everyone should have an up-to-date résumé up their sleeve — you never know when that next big opportunity will present itself.

Personal Details

First Name: Tofu
Surname: Removed for privacy reasons
Contact details: Removed for privacy reasons
Date of Birth: August 2007
Class of rabbit: Broken Sable Point Lop
Nationality: New Zealand
Gender: Male
Diet: Herbivore


Well presented, friendly and easy-going lagomorph with excellent social skills. Intuitive worker with a passion for pellets, carrots and apples. Excellent jumping skills, enjoys the outdoors and has a talent and enthusiasm for organic methods. Great listening skills and has the ability to calm others. Plays well with cats and humans. Soft face. Charismatic.

Work Experience

Position: Cotton Ball
August 2007 – November 2007

Duties: Eye makeup and nail polish removal. Toe separation during painting assignments.

Position: Whac-A-Mole Employee
February 2008 – February 2008

Duties: Entertainment sector. Primarily mallet dodging, but also lunging, surging, charging, flinching and evading required. Occasionally getting hit. Basic first aid training. (Early contract termination due to personal difficulties)

Position: Easter Bunny
March 2008 – Present (seasonal work)

Duties: Promoting Easter celebrations. Chocolate production and distribution. Entertainer of children and the young at heart. Events management.

Position: Draft Stopper (under door)
April 2008 – Present (seasonal work)

Duties: Residential insulation and warmth protection during winter months.

Position: Life drawing model (contract/freelance work)
June 2008 – Present
Duties: Posing for short and long periods of time. Nude. Working with artists and photographers.

Position: Gardener and Groundskeeper
November 2008 – Present

Duties: Organic lawn care, pruning, harvesting, weeding and fertilising. Implementing a regular crop rotation programme. Ensuring good health of soil.

Position: Security / Doorman / Bouncer
January 2010 – Present (Contract position)

Duties: Customer liaison, access control, screening of visitors, situation diffusion, identification check, law enforcement, crowd control.

Position: Actor (non speaking part)
February 2010

Duties: Assume the role of a domesticated rabbit under direction of camera crew for a local television program. Blue screen work.

Please contact for further information or for references.


  1. Charlotte Evers says

    Tofu certainly has had a varied career in his short life; can I had Handsome Boy to that list?

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Really? There is only 1 fatty at Christmas? I thought Tofu was always quite reserved in comparison to Christmas feasting…

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Hmmm…Not as yet. We’re trying to teach Tofu the value of money. He’s so frivolous when it comes to spending. Unfortunately, when you’re a bunny, food is everywhere outside, it’s hard imagine what being a bum would be like.

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